Cloud-based Platform

Consolomio® is a cloud-based solution that does not require a dedicated gateway or hub.
Pre-integrated Wi-Fi-devices can connect directly with the Consolomio® cloud platform which significantly simplifies the setup. Also devices which allow cloud-to-cloud communication (e.g. Philips hue, SONOS or Alexa) can easily be integrated without the need for a dedicated hub.

Consolomio® Managed 
1) Platform.

Consolomio® is a fully managed end-to-end smart home solution in the cloud. The cloud platform is highly intelligent, secure, extensible and scalable for a variety of smart home services.

Consolomio® captures, stores, processes, translates and – where applicable – streams smart home device data rapidly, intelligently and securely to your authenticated end-user devices whether in- or outside your home. Being fully cloud-based, service roll out is possible in shortest time, at low cost and with low project complexity. 

1) Smart Home as a Service

Cloud Solution 

Consolomio® is a cloud-based solution which makes it integrate well with other solutions you may have running already in the cloud as a service provider.

It allows the solution to scale and provides the redundancy required to add to the robustness of the services you want to deliver. Furthermore the platform will continue to add functionality which will over time be made available to all users and provide a central place to manage and control the ecosystem of connected devices (e.g. think of controlled firmware upgrades. etc.)

Also additional Wi-Fi-based devices, once preintegrated and tested by i4Things, can be connected directly to our cloud platform. 

Hub Extension 

When for certain devices also other SmartHome protocols like Zigbee and Z-wave need to be supported*, Consolomio® can be extended with a local gateway app. However to avoid the need for an additional hub this gateway app can be ‘integrated’ with and run on top of either:

  1. Service Provider Android TV Set-Top Boxes**
    (e.g. for Telcos / ISPs / OTT)
  2. Our Consolomio® Control Panel
    (e.g. for Energy / Insurance Companies)

*) requires a USB dongle for additional protocol support
**) requires a free USB port 

Security and privacy

In a mass-market solution security and privacy needs to be built in by design. You and your customers should be able to enjoy a worry-free smart home offering. Therefore Consolomio® has various security mechanisms put in place. For example Consolomio® takes care of automatically refreshing all camera passwords every 24h.

Note: When integrating with other systems, like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, this is done with the end-users consent and all the intrinsic characteristics of such system, like being able to use certain speech samples for improving the working of the voice control assistant, are inherited and applicable. This is beyond the control of yourselves as well as i4Things.

cloud-to-cloud integration 

Consolomio® seamlessly integrates with an ever-expanding ecosystem of devices from various smart home equipment suppliers. Thanks to our cloud-to-cloud integration your customers can, e.g. reuse or add a set of Zigbee devices directly into Consolomio®, this is done for example for the devices connected to the Philips hue hub.

The process to add and control devices or include them in scenes and scenarios can be run via our user interface whereby the end-user does not need to bother anymore if the lamp is a Hue bulb, an Ikea bulb or a lightbulb provided in your starterpack. A lamp is a lamp and is visible as such regardless of its making.