The amount of available smart home devices is growing exponentially and many devices come with their own UI or app. This can make a smart home a scattered ecosystem without much synergies and requiring complicated actions to make devices of different brands interact. Alternatively it may force consumers into a limited ecosystem of one single brand or one single technology such as Wi-Fi, Z-wave or Zigbee. Such limitation typically leads to lack of choice and higher cost. Consolomio® is the connecting piece to make Smart Home a real experience.

Consolomio®: a walled garden with an access gate. 

Our philosophy is that to make a smart home a true mass-market success:

  • it needs a large selection of affordable devices,
  • it needs each device to be easy to setup and use,
  • it needs integration with an ever-expanding ecosystem of pre-certified own and third party devices,
  • it needs a fully managed service with the highest level of security and managed lifecycle with automatic updates (security, firmware, API upgrades, etc.) 
  • it needs to be a completely worry-free experience for the end-user as well as for the service provider in order to live up to the ‘as a service’promise.

Therefore, together with our service provider customers, we determine which devices can be used with the service. Whenever devices are to be added, there is a defined testing, integration and release process with our Consolomio® ecosystem.