User Interfaces

A mass market smart home offering requires a very easy setup procedure and needs to be intuitive when it comes to daily use, to make it a fun experience. The less a user needs to do once setup, the smarter the home has become. Where user interaction is required, it needs to be clear at the blink of an eye how to proceed. Discover our intuitive and attractive user interfaces for all common devices.

Consolomio® User Interfaces

Consolomio® has user interfaces and apps for a wide range of smartphones & tablets (Android and iOS), for Smart TVs and Apple TV as well as for various browsers (Web App).

Also Voice Assistants (Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant) are supported. Truly unique and attractive are our Control Panel and TV Dashboard, which provide you as Service Provider an ‘always on’ screen in the centre of the household and a unique platform for own or third-party (targeted) advertisements, a potential additional revenue stream.

For Consumers one single and easy to use interface enabling them to control all devices.

Consolomio® offers consumers a seamless Smart Home experience via a single, intuitive, user interface on all major devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Web, Smart TV. No more need for your customers to bother about individual apps for their smart doorbell, smart lighting, smart thermostat and alarm systems. Offer your customers an affordable solution which easily integrates all these functionalities beyond one simple, easy to use interface offered by Consolomio®. As an example: all lights can be controlled with a similar interface, whether the device is a Philips hue, an IKEA or one of our own white label lightbulbs: they are all controlled in the same way.

For Service Providers a platform for branding and upsell.

The user interface provides an excellent place to positively associate your brand to what is dearest and most precious to your customers: their house, hearth and beloved ones. In an internet-driven world where you rarely have an opportunity to meet your customers, the various UI’s provide a unique way to re-establish customer contact and create opportunities for upselling.

For After Sales Service a platform for service management.

Consolomio® comes with a powerful backend console that integrates to your existing CRM, Billing and Customer Care environment. It provides full transparency about the service status and enables service providers to answer after-sales service questions quickly and easily, as well as providing (automated) pro-active support to your customers.