Whether you are a Telco/ISP, an Insurance or an Energy company, seduce your customers – Consumer as well as Small Office Home Office (SOHO) segment – with an attractive Smart Home offering that matches their needs.

Starter packs

Below you find some example starter packs, addressing the most desired use-cases, to provoke your thoughts. Having a different plan? No worries, we create your tailor-made package with your own combination from a vast choice of pre-certified and affordable devices. Needless to say that our white label service offering also allows you to brand your (starter or expansion) packs according to your wish. 

  • Security

    Ideal for insurance companies: help your customers better protect their home and family from intruders, water damage or fire. At the same time reduce the number of associated insurance claims.

    • Indoor Camera or Doorbell
    • Motion sensor
    • Door & window sensors
    • Smoke/fire sensor
    • Water-leak sensor
  • Comfort

    Provide your customers the sensation of a house that fits like a tailor-made suit.

    • Smart video door-bell
    • Smart bulbs
    • Smart plugs
  • Energy

    Help your customers to enjoy the benefit of an ambient living/working space whilst helping them to optimise their energy spend and/or adjust their energy consumption to benefit from best tariffs.

    • Thermostat
    • Energy reading smart plug
    • Smart light bulb
    • Smart metering
  • Care

    A use case very relevant in societies with an ageing population, or for young parents to easily monitor their newborn.

    • Indoor Camera
    • Motion detection
    • Temperature sensor
    • Activity pattern
    • Fall detection