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Security & Lifecycle Management

For a mass-market solution security and privacy need to be built in by design. You and your customers should enjoy a worry-free smart home offering. Therefore Consolomio® has various security mechanism put in place: user authentication, encrypted data exchange/storage, automatic camera-password refresh every 24h are just a few examples of how we help make smart home worry-free.

The same applies for life cycle management: i4Things ensures that the ecosystem of UI’s, Apps, pre-integrated own devices, supported cloud-to-cloud integrated 3rd party devices, voice control assistants, etc. is always up-to-date. Any adjustments required to e.g. cope with changes to API’s and firmware or with software updates are done by i4Things on behalf of you and your customers.

Moreover, i4Things, being based out of the EU, has the privacy of your customers as a top priority. A USP you can put forward as service provider.