Business Model

Consolomio® Smart Home as a Service comes with a simple and fair pay as you grow pricing model. There is a monthly service fee in combination with a low minimum monthly charge for the total service management. You can easily sell the service and charge your customers a monthly subscription fee per location or household (one subscriber may sign up for multiple locations). This allows you as a service provider to earn money with the service right from the start. Even with moderate subscriber growth at start, a positive and attractive business case is created.

Pricing model with three components. 

Consolomio® Smart Home as a Service provides you as a service provider a short time-to-market at only modest up-front investments. Once installed and connected to your OSS/BSS systems for support, provisioning and billing (for this the Initial one-time setup fee will apply), you are basically set to go and sell your Smart Home service ‘pay as you grow’. 

  • Start-up fee
    (one-time fee for service provider)
  • Monthly License, Management and Support fee
    (per sub per home).
  • Starter Pack
    (per pack) 

Pay as you grow

The pay as you grow part consists of 2 components:

  • a monthly fee per subscriber per house (one subscriber may sign up for multiple houses); and
  • a one-off starter pack cost (per starter pack per house).

The former covers a.o. Platform License, Video Recording Storage, Life Cycle Management & Support for Devices, Life Cycle Management & Support for UI’s, etc. Depending on the amount and type of devices included but also based on the amount of required video storage, this amount can vary.

The latter cost covers the cost of the starter pack. This cost most service providers typically either directly charge to their customers or fully/partly account for as retention or acquisition cost. It can also be financed by you for your customers e.g. by putting a surcharge on their monthly subscription fee.

Our complete and attractively priced starter packs (targeted cost of around € 150) are there to help you create a very competitive mass-market offering.

Startup Cost

The startup cost consist of a one-time fee to i4Things depending on the required amount of customisation and system integration related to a.o. Setting up your Consolomio® instance, Connections to backend systems, Consolomio® Operator Console Access, Branded apps for common devices (will you use our default apps with your logo and colour coding or do you require further development and customisation).

Depending on your needs, i4Things can also support you in setting up and managing the supply chain e.g. for the Starter Packs.