Smart Home as a Service
for Service Providers globally

Experience Consolomio®, the fully managed, cloud based, white label Smart Home as a Service platform for Service Providers in telco, insurance and energy. 

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  • Telco Service

  • Insurance

  • Energy

  • Telco Service Providers

    How about Pentaplay? Add new recurring revenues and increase stickiness, boost customer satisfaction with a fully managed smart home offering under your brand. Discover our unique ‘always on’ Smart Home TV Dashboard which puts your brand in the centre of your customer’s homes or offices and offers space for your own or 3rd party (targeted) advertisement. 

  • Insurance Companies

    Retain and attract customers based on a fully managed smart home offering carrying your brand to help protect their house and hearth from fire, water leakage or burglary, and thus also help reduce (the cost of) claims. An advantage that – when shared with your customers – helps create competitive and attractive commercial offerings.

  • Energy Companies

    Become your customer’s partner to manage the heating, cooling and lighting at their home(s) and control their energy bill. It was never as easy and could never be done more cost-efficiently. Our unique Smart Home TV Dashboard and Control Panel puts your brand in the centre of the household e.g. to signal deviations from normal energy consumption or peer usage and to do (targeted) promotions.