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Meet Solomio, our Smart Home Solution.

Solomio captures, stores, processes, translates and where applicable streams smart home device data rapidly, intelligently and securely to any end user device whether in- or outside your home.

Solomio Managed
SHaaS Platform.

Solomio is a fully managed smart home end-to-end solution in the cloud. The cloud platform is highly intelligent, secure, extensible and scalable for a variety of smart home services. With Solomio a service roll out is possible in shortest time, at low cost and with low project complexity.

Apps For All
Common Devices.

We have developed user interfaces and applications for a wide range of mobile devices (Android and iOS), Smart TVs (Apps) and Set-top boxes (AndroidTV App) as well as various Browsers (Web App) and Voice Assistants like Alexa en Google Home.

Broad Device Compatibility.

Our pre-defined Starter Packs come pre-integrated with a broad variety of affordable devices, designed for self-installation and setup. In addition Solomio is compatible with well known smart home brands (such as Philips Hue, Nest, N-Sure, etc.) for a unified user-experience across all devices.


Consolomio is a powerful backend console that integrates to your existing CRM, Billing and Customer Care environment. It provides full transparency about the service status and enables service providers to answer after-sales service questions quickly and easily.


Integrations built
by design

Our packs come pre-integrated with a broad variety of affordable devices and are also compatible with well known smart home brands.

Smart Home as a Service simple, flexible
and affordable pricing for your customers.

Choose i4Things - Solomio - To Kickstart Your IoT Smart Home Solution.