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Internet has changed your life?. Think again.
Our IoT platform is about to change it all over again.

Smart Home as a Service

Because we 

We respect your privacy, and will never share your information.

Fully Managed

An end to end, managed set of fully integrated devices and rich features.

Smart Technology

We bundle the latest technology to deliver the best smart home experiences.

IoT Platform

We offer high-end customised and turnkey smart home solutions to business partners.

Our Solution

Bring fully managed Smart Home Solutions to your customers.

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Our platform enables you to roll out a fully managed and controlled smart home platform, preventing churn and create new revenue streams.

Smart Home as a Service

We have created an indispensable white labelled Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS) platform that “really works” in a user daily life by making “dumb” devices “smart” let them “smoothly work together” and create ready to use and out of the box scenarios that contribute to our daily habitats. All of this fully managed and maintained by our Solomio IoT Platform.


i4Things developed a system that is simple and doesn’t have a high learning curve, it has a great adaption and works on many different devices and platforms like iOS, Android, Tizen, Android TV, STB’s. Technology integrations with Hue, Nest, Alexa, Siri are also a part of our platform.

Our Platform

Our SHaaS platform is a fully integrated solution that can be easily deployed without risk, all with a concise time to market. i4Things doesn’t only deliver a platform but has very skilled experts who will help your organisation drive success.

New Revenue Streams

Did we catch your attention? That’s really great to hear! We would love to have a conversation to share our SHaaS experience, best practices and contribute to your organisation how to kickstart your own IoT branded Smart Home as a Service concept for you and your customers.

Our Vision & Mission Statement.

To build and deliver a managed smart home solution for everyone

Introduction i4Things.

Keep it Simple.

Managed Platform.

Get Notified.

In Harmony.

i4Things exist of a high performing team with specialists existing of leaders and visionary’s, who have been successfully developing and building advanced white labelled ISP OTT solutions and leading ISP’s companies.

A journey that started in 2005 and quickly resulted in building and maintaining a successful company with millions of users worldwide who use our solution on various platforms every single day.

During these years our ultimate dream remained to exist and our visions remained strong. We believe in a world where our homes are truly smart and the technology should be accessible for everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of an intelligent home. Generate more security, feeling more convenient, save on costs and energy and so much more.

To create an indispensable white labelled Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS) platform that “really works” in a user daily life by making “dumb” devices “smart” let them “smoothly work together” and
create ready to use and out of the box scenarios that contribute to our daily habitats.

To make Solomio infinitely usable and understandable for all types of users, we needed an expandable and modern system for organising devices, store interactions, execute interactions, start of stop smart home scenarios and deliver notifications at the right time in the right place.

Our experienced team had a powerful and clear vision. We wanted to build a smart home solution that, which isn’t complex, that works together in harmony with a set of pre-certified devices and can be managed by business partners from a clear and easy to use back-end system.

Our Platform Essentials.

Powerful and highly useful Smart Home as a Service functionality.


Smart Home as a Service, ready to use to empower and retain your valuable customers base.

Security by Design

Our platform is designed with A-Grade security tools and features to protect our customers.

End to End Solutions

To help our business partners with a complete smart home solution with a proven rapid time to market.

À La Carte

We've developed relevant smart home building blocks to meet our customers highest demands.

Open & Modular

Establish an open, stable and modular Smart Home as a Service platform with no vendor lock-in.

Auto Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest version of our IoT Plaform without needing to do it manually.

Platform Management

Our platform includes scalable tools to control marketing, operations and customer experiences.

Rapid Time To Market

Reduce time to market with our turn-key end-to-end solution and launch within only weeks of time.

Highly Experienced

Our global team of IoT experts has fulfilled and delivered more than 30 successful projects over the years.

Get Really Smart

Turn lamps, thermostats, doorbells, smoke & motion sensors, etc. in a set of harmonious smart devices.

Built to Integrate

We've integrated the best brands to let you benefit from the latest and greatest technology.

Friendly Support

Questions? Need help? Our dedicated teams are here for you to help, feel free to contact us.

Meet Solomio, our Smart Home Platform.

Our i4Things Solomio cloud smart home and provisioning IoT Platform stores, manages, streams, processes
and translates smart home events for delivery to the the right person at the right place.

Multi Platform Support.

A brand new way to control and make your home smart

We’ve developed interfaces, integrations and applications for a wide range of Android, iOS, Smart TV, Voice Control and Set-top box devices.

Apple iOS


Smart TV




Integrations built by design

Solomio’s integrations extend the power of smart devices across your home. Since all integrations are built using our platform, we can fully support your needs if it comes down to integrations like, Nest, Hue, Ring, Alexa etc.

Launch your IoT Project Simple and Fast.

Our experience made it possible to define steps that will have a positive contribute to make your Smart Home as a Service project available fast, easy and viable.


Steps for a successful IoT Market Strategy

Together we define the optimal go-to-market strategy and commercial path forward that will deliver against your revenue growth or profit improvement objectives.


Discuss and define the needed go to market route

Together we define your Smart Home needs, based on our demo and mutual findings. Next, we build the best possible package that set you apart from the competition.


A roadmap is being built based on your business case

Combining the key elements of our SOLOMIO solution; stability, customisation, simplicity and flexibility with our experience will drive our mutual path forward.


Proven integrations with various technologies

API integrations and rebranding needed to roll out to your market brand, based on a recurring end-to-end service solution? No worries. No hassle. We take care of everything!

Our Customer and Client Reviews.

Satisfied partners are the cornerstones of any strong business and ours is no exception

This solution is easy to use and comes with a simple and quick installation. It contributes to a safe and comfy feeling around and in my personal living place.

— Paul M. | Eindhoven | The Netherlands

Solomio - End User

The installation experience was crisp and clear. All features and functionalities including connecting lights, sensors, thermostats en enabling security worked straight out of the box.

— Rob A. | Antwerp | Belgium

Solomio - End Customer

i4Things helped our company in accelerating our much anticipated IoT market proposition. Their enthusiasm, the polished consultants and hands-on approach made our Smart Home a success.

— Philippe M. | Cannes | France

Business Partner

Smart Home as a Service simple, flexible
and affordable pricing for your customers.

Choose i4Things - Solomio - To Kickstart Your IoT Smart Home Solution.